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No. The masseu(ses)rs must not be touched at their genital areas and erogenous zones. Although during our massages often a high intimacy is building up between two human beings, and especially men like to give something to the masseuse in return, she remains no doubt the active and the guest the passive partner. Thus our guests get the guarantee of a really deep massage experience without any pressure for action.

Our team members are profoundly skilled and possess the experience and intuition to adapt themselves to any guest. If you feel especially comfortable with one of our team members after some visits, please do not hesitate to ask for an appointment with the lady of your choice the next time you plan to come. It is, however, not possible to choose a masseuse on site, as the massages are booked by prior appointment.

Definitely no. Our massages are a sensuous-erotic experience, but in no way a hidden or open invitation to sexual intercourse or oral sex or likewise sexual exchange. Please do not ask the masseu(se)r.

No. Our masseu(ses)rs are fully concentrated on our guests during the massages in a quiet, discreet and undisturbed atmosphere which is why we kindly ask you to make an appointment by phone or by SMS.

Only if you wish so. This is not the aim of our massages as we do not want to create a performance pressure on your side. We simply want to bring you a stressfree pleasure.

Nearly all our massages are given and received nakedly because we follow the tantric tradition in which both sexes represent the god SHIVA and his female partner SHAKTI meeting each other in their whole originality.

Apart from style and discreetion the hygiene and cleanness are absolute premisses in our institute. Before any massage our guests get ample opportunity to clean themselves in the shower. Our rooms and facilities and equipment are cleaned and sanitized after each  use. The same hygiene applies to bath towels and shoes and kimonos. Our team members take a shower after each massage and disinfect their hands thoroughly in order to exclude any risk of infection.

We use exclusively cold pressed natural oils (sesame, cocos, sunflower, sweet almond, apricot seed oils etc) without any chemical additives in combination with natural essential oils and fragrances. Guests having allergies are requested to discuss their problemwith the masseuse and may choose a neutral massage gel.

This is no probem for you and us. We welcome you heartily. We have been trained with all tact and experience to touch any human being in a sensitive manner and give him the feeling to be accepted as a whole human being, and not only by his outer looks. Hygiene and cleanness are an absolute must and have nothing to do with outer attractivity.

No, in no way. Our massages are wellfeeling massages which are not exclusively aimed at getting and maintaining an erection. The lingam massage is proceeding in wave form between erotic arousal and relaxation with or without an erection.

Yes, in any case our tantra massages mean an inspiration and a new enrichment of your sex life by training you to new ways of touching which you may pass on to your partner in life.  Very often hereafter couples decide to come to us to enjoy the couples massage together in order to experience the massage even more intensively. Our massages are in no way sexual adventures, nor are they an instruction or invitation to infidelity, nor do they create a bad conscience or a strange feeling towards your partner in life.

Very much so. Pleasure without pressure and unintentional expectation do not know  any upper age limit. You are very welcome to our institute

Our erotic massages are unintentional massages for enjoyment and pleasure. They may trigger an orgasm, if you choose all by yourself to have one. More often the key to orgasm is the aimlessness. The more a woman is focusing herself on the orgasm, the more stress she is creating in herself which makes her total relaxation impossible to achieve. Our masseu(ses)rs teach you to let yourself fall down and accept their touches with your eyes closed in order to relieve the performance stress from you. Only then and often the orgasm is going to roll about just by itself. Massaging your yoni area will assist you in any case to experience your own erotic feelings and sensuality in a better and targeted way.

You may come to us as a couple and choose to enjoy the massage with masseur or masseuse in the same room or in separate rooms. A massage together in the same room demands to select the same type of massage.

Payment by credit or bank card or cheque is not possible. We accept only cash in Euro currency. Single banknotes exceeding more than 100 Euros denomination are not accepted out of security reasons. Please avoid unnessessary waiting time through time consuming money  change. Please pay the price agreed at the time of booking directly to the masseu(se)r b e f o r e the massage during the preliminary talk.

Apart from the chosen massage time please plan for an additional 1 hour, in order to arrive  right on time, but not earlier, and to take a shower before the massage, and to repose a couple of minutes after the massage, and then to shower again and to dress.

Before any massage starts, our masseu(se)r will ask you which parts of your body must not be massaged. Otherwise the whole body will be incorporated from head to toes.

The Wellness Classic and the Hawaian Massage are performed by the hands only. Within the body-to-body massage the masseu(se)r ‘s body will also be part of the massage.

Heavy back pain, open wounds, infectious diseases, uncleanliness, missing or improper hygiene.

Sensuous Tantra Body-to-Body full massage
and traditional Wellness Massage

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