What is Tantra?

Following the Hindu and Buddhist doctrine Tantra is a word from Sanskrit and means the (re)lived entity of body and soul, and combines the spirituality with the sexual energy of mankind in order to reach ultimate harmony and balance for a sensuously fulfilled life. In this process the tantric massage is the most important instrument to open and (re)balance the meridians of energy in the human body.

The female and male masseurs are your active companions throughout this deep process of stress relaxation as the givers, whereas you may enjoy the experience exclusively and passively as the receiver.

Course of Massage

Before any massage session starts, our guest gets the opportunity to take a copious shower and is hereafter invited into the massage room by one of our team members to enjoy a non-alcoholic drink, tea, coffee.

The masseu/se/r explains the course of the massage and answers any related questions.

Shortly after the massage starts either on a special and comfortable massage couch or very traditionally and originally on our very spacious futon beds.

Our team members and you as our guest are naked during the massage in order to experience in a natural way the tender and strong whole body touches more intensively.

They expect to receive from you, our guest the same respectful approach which they offer you. The massage is accompanied by sensitive and gentle background music which facilitates a total glide into relaxation.

The tantric massages are holistic by including body, mind and soul.

Our guests are requested to let their minds dangle and may thus enjoy the touches allover their body preferrably with their eyes closed. Talking to the masseu/se/r is not encouraged as this action will interrupt the relaxation process. In the course of the massage the front and the back side of our guests will be extensively massaged by the hands and by the belly and breasts of our masseuses. We use natural cold pressed oils and fragrances and apply massage grips from different massage techniques, partly using acupressure, Thai and Hawai massage.

Towards the end of the massage and depending on the chosen type of massage also the genital area of our guests will be unintentiously touched and massaged, the Lingam or penis and the Yoni or vulva. In doing so this action may but need not trigger an orgasm.

In no way intimacies are exchanged, any sexual intercourse and oral sex are absolutely excluded and would make the masseu(se(r immediately stop and cancel the massage. In the name of our team members we kindly ask you  not to touch their genital area or their other erogenous zones.

This will not be tolerated. Please pay special respect to your masseu(se)r in order not to harm their feelings as a human being. They will reward you by a most sensitive massage.

After the massage you may stay and repose in the massage room for a couple more minutes, and have a cup of tee, and let the experience pass by in your mind a second time, and finally you leave for taking a shower to remove the massage oil.

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