My name is Lorenzo.

    My first experience with tantra massage was for me a formative experience.

    I was impressed by the loving nature of the encounter I received from a person I had never seen before.

    I know today that everything I have felt and experienced at the time is based on devotion and unconditional love for people and what you do.

    I see my massage as a chance to touch people in his being.

    So I will accept you, and accompany with my whole present, mindfulness, and devotion into a world of feeling.

    Following my intuition, I will touch your body in its entirety – my hands will be aligned with you and follow every impulse so that the massage will always be a unique experience.

    Trustworthy, you can let yourself fall, in a protected space, which I will lovingly design for you, everything may be what is at this moment.

    Whether it is joy, lifelongness, grief, anger and pain or the pure lust for pleasure, everything is welcome.

    I will massage you respectfully, carefully, gently and sometimes more dynamically, go on a journey into the world of feeling and to yourself!

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